Zielloses Bleiben, Beuys+Plattform, Kunstmuseum / Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn

a performative practice of lingering and an an artistic questioning,
on the Beuys+Platform / Kunstmuseum / Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, 2021

  • From 10 July to 10 October 2021, Tomas Kleiner received an Beuysian (almost) unconditional basic income, financed by the Kunstmuseum Bonn for a period of three months and is testing it in a kind of practical test. In his in a performative studio converted VW bus, he made irregular stops on the Museum Square to gather his own experiences with this social utopia and to ask visitors about their hopes and wishes for their everyday life. A bed he installed in the square invites visitors not only to linger but also to dream: What could a life without the constraint of gainful employment look like?

    Visitors are invited to visit Tomas Kleiner on Museum Square, to talk to him and to use his blog for exchange:

Absprung / take off, Rheinturm / ZERO foundation / Museum Tinguely

Action sketch in collaboration with 101 early potatoes, various authorities, owners and specialists, ZERO foundation / Museum Tinguey / Rheinturm Düsseldorf 2021

  • The utopian project consists of using the height of a towering piece of architecture to drop a collection of 101 early-potato-parachutes from the platform and let them float away, in the spirit of Tinguely’s fascination with movement.
    The seemingly romantic, aimless and undirected movement presupposes not only a childlike impulse but also meticulous and elaborate preparatory work:

    How must a flying object be constructed in order to comply with official regulations? What precautions are necessary to get an assessment of the undirected parachute movement, to forecast potential flight scenarios and subsequently to make such an ephemeral-playful moment possible?

    In exchange with the numerous owners, operators, parachute specialists and numerous authorities, a project has thus emerged that negotiates the im/possibilities of such an action.

    Inspired by Jean Tinguely’s staging of the leaflet drop over Düsseldorf and the humour of Polke’s potato machine, the project with the bureaucratic-playful-drifting flying objects can be understood as an attempt at artistic freedom in the midst of urban rules and regulations.

    The first attempt at realisation with a drop from the Düsseldorf Rhine Tower on the occasion of the Museum Tinguely’s visit to the Medienhafen failed.
    An artist talk, shows the process of negotiations:

    A continuation of the dispute is still pending. Work in progress…

Bodygarden, Platz machen, Öffentlicher Raum, Neuer Saarbrücker Kunstverein, Saarbrücken

experimental project in collaboration with Marco Biermann and various living plants on the body, Actions, videos and installation, Neuer Saarbrücker Kunstverein, Saarbrücken, 2021

  • BODYGARDEN is part of the current, larger-scale research project “Jukai-Ryokō / [Travelling Sea of Trees]”, which is dedicated in a playful-experimental way to climate change and the possibilities of ever-growing mobilisation.

    Specifically, for this project, clothing prototypes were designed that allow living plants to participate in human-moving everyday life – during the shopping at the supermarket, travelling by train, going to the office, or taking a walk. During the exhibition, these living pieces of clothing were alternately worn performatively in Saarbrücken’s urban space and could also be seen as a video installation in a shop window.